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Project Veritas: HHS Whistleblower Reveals Federal Gov’t Hiding Vaccine Side Effects Data --- --- Video: Toddler Cries as Daycare Workers Force Mask on Him --- --- Airplane Drama: Old Liberals Wearing Masks & Face Shields Triggered Man Removed Mask To Eat --- --- Scientists Growing mRNA Vaccine-Filled Plants to Replace COVID Injections --- --- FACT CHECK: ‘Whips’ Used By Border Patrol During Illegal Migrant Surge Are Actually Just Horse Reins, Never Struck Migrants --- --- Incredible Alex Jones Predictions That Actually Came True! – Watch --- --- Tune In! Whistleblower Doctors to Expose COVID Tyranny at Virtual Conference --- --- ‘Strike Team’ Staffers Wanted for ‘Isolation & Quarantine’ Facilities in WA --- --- Shock Video: ‘Migrant’ Destroys Bus in Italy --- --- Watch: “F**k Joe Biden” Chants Continue To Breakout Across America --- --- “It’s a Cult”: Kaiser Chiefs Concert Fans Boo Unvaccinated --- --- Breaking! Learn The Secret Meaning Of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Name --- --- Psaki Struggles to Explain Why Caravan of 15,000 Haitian Migrants Not Tested For COVID --- --- Viewers Rage At Maskless Emmys, U.S. Starts Mass Expulsion Of Haitian Migrants, Volcano Erupts On Spain’s La Palma Island --- --- Texas Mom Sounds Off On School Board For Allowing Middle Schoolers To Read Book Featuring Anal Sex --- ---

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in our pledge to defy the censorship crusade all big tech platforms seem to be currently engaged in, the potential for attempted attacks is greater than ever, we will try our hardest to fend off the goon squad that would have any dissidents like Phoenix silenced, and we will not give up, nor will we be coerced into compliance.

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