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FDA Probes Higher Risk of Stroke When Covid Booster, Flu Jab Taken on Same Day – As RECOMMENDED By White House --- --- CDC Vaccine Safety Director Admits People ‘Experiencing Debilitating Illnesses’ After Covid Jabs --- --- Louis C.K. is an Idiot --- --- Hubble views bright variable star V 372 Orionis and a smaller companion star --- --- Volcano-like rupture on long-dead star --- --- Yuri Maltsev, RIP --- --- The State Uses Trauma as a Weapon against Innocent People --- --- Governments Cannot Effectively Regulate Vaccines --- --- Shock Video: Amazon Driver Robbed at Gunpoint by Prolific Felons in Florida --- --- France: Illegal Migrant Breaking Into Homes in Effort to Force His Own Deportation --- --- GOP Florida Senator Rubio Asks Pfizer CEO About Virus Mutations Exposed By Project Veritas --- --- Gov. DeSantis Proposes Minimum Life Sentences for Convicted Pedophiles --- --- BREAKING: Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Bodycam Video Released --- --- Biden and Zelensky’s Phone Call Leaked! --- --- Based Ukrainian Refugee Causes Offense --- ---

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OSCAR things.
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All the Yahoo! related things.
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An AOL 4.0 themed desktop workbench
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