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Germany Launches Investigation into Leaked Crimean Bridge Attack Talk --- --- James Biden’s Testimony to US House Panel Conflicts With Other Witnesses — Reports --- --- Details of ‘Sabotaged’ Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal in First Months of War Revealed --- --- Biden Aides Trying to Shield Him From Protesters at Campaign Events – Reports --- --- Colorado Democrats Block Legislation Punishing Child Sex Traffickers – Suggest Criminals Are Also Victims --- --- Biden Confuses Ukraine With Gaza in Aid Announcement --- --- In Huge Win For DeSantis, University of Florida Fires All ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ Staff --- --- MUST WATCH: Funeral Home Director John O’Looney Exposes The Secret COVID Holocaust --- --- Biden Regime Wages War on First Amendment, Comes After Conservative Journalists --- --- Germany: Teen Girls Stabbed, Robbed by ‘North African’ Suspect --- --- Coincidence? Mysterious Wildfires Destroy Texas Beef Industry --- --- The USA Is In A Crisis Of Tyranny --- --- VIDEO: Joe Rogan Says Only Jesus Can Save The Planet --- --- Alex Jones Was Right --- --- Liberals Freak Out Over TX General In Military Uniform Standing Behind Trump During Border Visit --- ---



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