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‘Salute to America 250’: Trump Unveils ‘Great American State Fair’ Celebrating Nation’s Founding in 1776 at Iowa State Fairgrounds --- --- Nat. Sec. Spokesman John Kirby Stumbles When Asked About Biden Bribes & Why Most Americans Believe Biden Corrupt --- --- Learn the NWO Plan to Collapse Humanity Before They Black Out the Power Grid and Blame It On The Right! --- --- LA Dodgers Pitcher Blasts Team for Honoring ‘Blasphemous’ Drag Nuns At Pride Event: ‘Fans Don’t Want Propaganda Forced On Them’ --- --- Report: Fox Employees Barred From Uttering Name “Tucker” On Airwaves --- --- Biden Admin Child Grooming: COVID Relief Funds Used For High School Drag Queen Show --- --- Watch: ‘THE GREAT AWAKENING’ Official Trailer --- --- Wednesday War Room Live: Showdown in House as Patriot Republicans Try to Stop Blank Check Debt Ceiling Deal –Tune In Now! --- --- Watch: Actor James Van Der Beek Blasts DNC For Not Allowing Debate Against Biden --- --- You Alright, Luv? --- --- Jamie Foxx Suffered Blood Clot in Brain After Submitting to Hollywood Covid Jab Mandate, Journalist Claims --- --- Ferocious Shootout Leaves 10 Dead, 4 Injured on Mexico Highway Near US Border --- --- Are You Ready For The mRNA Universal Flu Vaccine? --- --- Texas DPS Capitol Police Detain Woman, Seize Phone For Confronting Man In Women’s Restroom --- --- Germany: Seven Girls Sexually Assaulted at Pool, Syrian Migrant Arrested --- ---

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