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Zelensky Signs Draconian Mobilization Bill --- --- Congress Muzzles Its History Of Journalistic Rape --- --- Watch: President Trump Greets Fans During Visit to Harlem Bodega --- --- Watch: GOP Lawmakers Grill Mayorkas Over Ties To NGO Urging Illegals To Vote For Biden in 2024 Election --- --- UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Warns Deep State Will Sabotage Trump the Way It Did Her --- --- WATCH: CIA Plot to Murder Julian Assange Exposed By His Brother --- --- Stephen A. Smith: ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Is Proof Democrats ‘Scared’ & ‘Can’t Beat Him On The Issues’ --- --- Will Iran And Israel Conflict Escalate Into Atomic Warfare? --- --- Aussie Govt Orders Facebook And X To Remove Muslim Knife Attack Video --- --- The War on Poverty Makes Poverty Worse --- --- Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death --- --- How Statism Destroyed Argentina --- --- Stossell: Joe Biden Wants a Government Kill Switch in Your Car --- --- NPR Suspends Whistleblower Who Exposed Network’s Extreme Progressive Bias --- --- Massive Fire Engulfs Copenhagen’s Historic 17th-Century Landmark --- ---

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- Group chat should now work for clients 4.x
- //roll dice roller random generator algorithm updated
- Public group chat rooms open

- Idle state support added
- Patches to direct connection protocol
- Server monitor to automatically restart it should it crash
- First implementation of AOL System Msg
- Fixed support for AIM Lite
- Server patched to
- Say hello to SmarterChildJr

- Server patched to, group chat services should now work for clients 5.0 and up.

- Server patched to, directory lookup services, message rate limiting, and user warning should now be operational.

- Server patched to, Major refactor of server code for optimization. Direct connection appears to be working up to client 5.1, direct connect uses ports 4443 and 4847, these may need to be forwarded in your router for it to work. buddy icons will now work in the client if they are configured from the user control profile editor here.

- Server patched to, Official AIM Clients older than 4.1 should now be able to use their contact lists. Some of the directory services SNACs have been implemented

- Server patched to, enabling clients older than 3.5 to login.